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INCLAM CO2 develops plans and projects pursuant to international policies and mechanisms, and strategies belonging to companies, institutions and entities.

"We manage to mitigate the negative consequences of climate change and develop projects implying an actual reduction of greenhouse gases"

INCLAM CO2 services comprised in mitigation studies/projects are as follows:

  • Kyoto Protocol flexibility mechanisms:

INCLAM CO2 develops Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM), Joint Implementation (JI) and Programs of Activities (PoA) and renders advisory services on road study development, baseline calculation, project design documents (PDD) preparation, and validation, registration and verification processes

  • CLIMA projects.

Inclam CO2 joins Spain in greenhouse gas emission reduction in our own country, providing its international experience as guarantee. Thus, it applies such experience to projects that, even though outside the regulated sector, but implementing low-carbon economic activities (emission reduction projects), intend to revalue their investment through the support of emission rights granted by the Carbon Fund for Sustainable Economy.


Overall development and feasibility analysis of REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) and F/R (Reforestation/Forestation) projects.


We conduct specific studies on GHG emissions, ranging from the drafting of inventories, laying down environmental baselines, future implications, cause analysis, design of mitigation measures, cost-benefit assessment for different sectors such as land uses, changes in land use, ecosystem management, mobility, agriculture and food safety, among others.

  • NAMAS:

As part of its strategic consulting, INCLAM CO2 studies feasibility and provides advisory services for the development of NAMA (Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions) proposals, which are set as an essential means to improve mitigation in developing countries.

This program is focusing on more suitable resource and waste management in rural use. The main objectives of the SUF program are generating energy by the organic waste and optimization of natural resources needs for the activity. This strategy helps to reduce the impact on the envoronment and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.



  • We search for balance among environmental protection, revenue increase, cost saving and the quality of our work.
  • We provide experience as a core aspect.
  • We consider that measures aimed at reducing climate change are a sustainable growth opportunity for the company upon making significant changes benefiting the company.
  • We believe in continuous renewal and improvement with the help and cooperation of the most outstanding climate change mitigation entities


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