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MO&G Group

Mining, Oil and Gas Group is an international entity working in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Five companies have pooled their resources to provide comprehensive coverage to the sector covering the geographical areas in which they have a presence.

We specialize in mining, oil and gas, offering solutions from the perspective of water, environment and industry.


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The two pillars of our endeavor are, on the one hand, training to ensure the transfer of knowledge, and, on the other hand Research, Development and Innovation as basic strategy for the evolution and continuous improvement of our clients' activities and, in the end result, our own.

Our objectives are:

1) Theoretical and practical education as a tool for the transfer of knowledge and abilities.

2) To drive the development of the areas where the natural resources are produced.

3) Cooperation with and involvement of the regional universities in the research and technological development of the activity.

4) To achieve sustainable growth through the stimulation and promotion of the most up-to-date, efficient as well as environmentally respectful technologies.


We present below the main products and services relating to damage prevention and remediation in the extractive processes, grouped in five areas:  Water, Environment, Safety and Health, Specialized Technical Services and Tax & Legal. Inclam Group specifically develops Water and Environment areas.

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Companies - Inclam Group

INCLAM Group is an international group based in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia. The Group consists of 12 companies that get together to provide sector and geographical support at their locations, whose main areas of concern are water and the environment.

We apply quality and professionalism as a principle for responsible business so as to provide our clients with comprehensive services within our activity

Our important asset consists in our professional's experience, in combination with talent development, which allows us safeguarding our clients' trust, being competitive and growing in a sustainable manner.

The investment in research and development supports our innovative nature upon offering solutions; that is why we invest around 12% of our billing in R+D+i.

We specialise in water engineering and consulting, turnkey projects and water treatment plants, the evaluation, planning and overall management of basins, and climate change mitigation and adaptation projects.
The technological factor has always accompanied the Group's activity as an added-value tool, while research and innovation constitute our motivation in order to improve from a technical point of view. We are pioneers in the Spanish sector of hydrology and hydraulic application software development.

OGCAs proof for our involvement, we are the only Spanish associate member of Open Geospatial Consortium for the development of Water Modelling Language- WaterML global standards.

As part of our commitment towards the environment, we point out the voluntary initiative to offset the Co2 emissions generated as a result of our activity. Our social commitment comprises the transfer of technology, local training and the close cooperation with NGOs in which we participate.


Corporate social responsibility

Some people think that companies are part of the problem, but I believe that by working along with governments, NGOs, trade unions and the United Nations, companies may and should be part of the solution. They are able to improve working conditions, protect the environment and, especially, they can improve the prospects of those currently excluded from the market."

Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General

Companies may constitute an extremely important engine for society when assuming their responsibility. At Inclam, we are very much aware of this principle and act accordingly on a daily basis, working to improve our impact on society and the environment in order to create projects according to current worldwide needs.

We understand that corporate social responsibility should be consistent with our activities, improving our performance and ensuring that the different spheres on which our work may have a negative impact are taken into account in every step of the way.

Inclam carries out its RSE plan through Fundación FUNCIONA www.funciona.org, an international development foundation aimed at, among other goals, adding value to companies as an engine for human development.

Education and Training

The achievements of an organization are the result of each person's combined efforts

-Vincent Lombardi-

Creating a great team of multidisciplinary professionals is the result of managing human talent and promoting and sharing knowledge. In order to develop our technical capacity, improve management and coordination, we care about responding to internal educational needs, which is reflected in the quality of our services and in the good level of communication with our clients and collaborators. Research and continuous education in the whole organizational scale is the basis that allows us keeping ourselves in the forefront of our business lines.

The transfer of knowledge is the added value that has always characterised our activity. Thanks to our experience and specialisation, we had the opportunity to participate in several working groups and national and international committees as specialised advisors. We facilitate a cooperative environment with universities, institutions, platforms and technical schools for the joint development of projects moved by research and innovation. Our professionals have been part of the teaching staff in different master and graduate courses related to water and climate change and have participated as guest lecturers in several international congresses, mainly related to integral water management and flood control.

This good experience gained also helped us detect specific educational demands, which encouraged us to create specialised conferences and courses adapted to our clients or focused on a general interest. In this sense, depending on needs and goals, we organise brief in-person conferences on specific aspects or needs or else we use online communication tools and digital platforms, such as e-learning courses, which enable connectivity and flexible access according to the geographical diversity of our students. Our courses contain a significant practical component and learning is based on the analysis of actual case studies.

Talent development

[Talent]: Capacity to perform an activity

INCLAM Group has always relied on talent to provide the best response to our clients' needs.


  • Prevails upon hiring our staff
  • Provides content to training programs
  • Determines our technological development (R&D)
  • Is always made available to clients

Our working opportunities depend on our personal and collective talent. We are interested in sharing what we know and we do not keep our technology in secret:

  • We cooperate in training programs offered to third parties.
  • Our software is free of charge for universities and public administration bodies around the world.
  • We invest over 12% of our billing in R+D+i.
  • We have a technical library with over 5 million physical and digital volumes.
  • We arrange meetings to share experiences and methods.
  • We care more about learning from our mistakes than about being acknowledged by our success.
  • We believe that we can learn things from everybody. We all have something valuable to be taught to others.
  • We have a passionate interest in modernism or creativity.
  • We encourage discussion and diversity of opinion.


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