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Millions of people worldwide are still unable to access safe and quality water. For this reason, INCLAM, a private company specialising in Water Engineering and MSH (Management Sciences for Health), an international NGO specialising in Health and health education, have joined forces to implement a joint Programme to provide integrated technical educational health solutions, with the aim of contributing through the countries and public and private decision-makers to provide safe and quality drinking water to those populations that lack that vital element.

What is the objective of the "WATER FOR HEALTH" program?

At the Summit for Sustainable Development, that took place in September 2015, the State Members of the UN approved the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, that includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to put an end to poverty, fight against the inequalities and confront the climate change.Our programme “Water is Health” is designed to support our customers in achieving the goal 6 “Clean water and sanitation”, whinch includes access to drinking water. The improvement of water supply sources not only contributes to the aforementioned goal, but is also a key strategy for goal 1 of ending poverty, 3 of Health and welfare and 5 of Gender Equality.

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  • Technical solution
    The solutions we offer include the extraction of water from the source, piping it to the water treatment plant, the water treatment process, the storage tank for treated water, through to supplying it to the population.The program "Vita Aquam" lays out technical solutions and provides to the authorities the tools to prevent and resolve conflict situations. These are the products of the programme. More info
  • Social Develpment
    We raise the awareness of and encourage families to adopt healthy sanitary practices related to safe water, rational use of water and hygiene (hand washing and proper management of faeces).We strengthen the organisation and powers of local/community authorities responsible for the management and operation of water and sanitation systems. More info

  • Sustanable Develpment 
    In order to be efficient on the long term, drinking water and sanitation systems should be considered, by its beneficiaries, as a community asset, for social and economic development. To reach this goal, INCLAM includes in its programme: (i) knowledge transfer and training of the local staff, at a technical level but also at an administrative level, (ii) a minimum of 2 years of operation and maintenance, granting the Client a high level of service performance, and (iii) an institutional strengthening component, divided into institutional optimization activities as well as improvement of management processes. The long term objective is to generate a willingness to pay, and create an applicable social rate for water, to secure the system to be locally sustainable.


"One of the projects with greates health and social impacts in Peru in the recent years: "Drinking water reaches the Amazon" WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY 




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