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Hydrology and Hydraulics

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The hydrology and hydraulics area is the oldest business line at INCLAM.
It started as a highly specialized technical opportunity aimed at evaluating complex issues for public entities and/or private companies regarding hydrologic and hydraulic studies.

These issues could be of a significant magnitude and it was required to develop IT applications, GIS and data managers or they comprised detailed studies in which specific mathematical models were required.

As time went by, team expansion and continuous training allowed us approaching great studies. We offer technical support to other company lines, such as Planning and Studies, Projects, Risk Management, Work Management, Early Warning Systems, Decision Support Systems, Governance, Climate Change Adaptation or the development of our own software, such as the two-dimensional hydraulic model, GUAD 2D, and its hydrology, solute transport and dam failure modules, among others (link to TIC), water hammer calculation or the Hydrological Database (BDH).


  • Climate analyses: on a monthly, daily and ten-minute basis
  • Hydrological analyses to evaluate water resources and determine freshet hydrographs or dam failures/tailings pond damburst
  • Hydrogeological analyses. Aquifer characterisation, recharge and groundwater input
  • Analysis of the impact on water resources due to climate change


  • 1D-2D hydraulic calculations to characterise floodable areas as a result of heavy rains or dam failures
  • Water quality analyses
  • Water regulation analyses: system or dam
  • Hydraulic calculation for work dimensioning: bridges, canals, spillways, intakes, drainage systems, sanitation networks, storm tanks
  • Pressure hydraulic calculations. Pressure pipe and supply network analyses
  • Input and sediment transport analyses

Other studies

  • Water demand analysis.

  • Ecological flow analysis.

  • Demographic, agronomic, geological and environmental analyses.

  • Territorial analysis and land use assessment and characterisation.

  • Dam safety analysis. Monitoring.

  • Riverbank corridor structure analysis.

  • Water site, dam, irrigation system and construction inventories, among others.

  • Analysis of mobility under emergency conditions.

  • Cost-benefit analysis.

  • Water or flood information system designs.

  • Digital model treatment.

At INCLAM, we have been working for 25 consecutive years with the most advanced technical tools (databases, GIS, mathematical models) in the market, developing our own applications generally in comprehensive studies. This allows knowing the most appropriate technology to achieve study goals.


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