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Planning and Studies

Planning helps diagnose or characterise a current situation in order to establish alternatives to mitigate problems or develop a geographical area. At Inclam, we have created plans and plan studies at any scale:

  • Territorial scale: Local, municipal, regional, autonomous community or national levels.
  • Time scale: Traditional plans are revised every 4 to 6 years and they are prepared for a time period of 10 to 20 years. Climate change studies usually set the year 2100 as a horizon. Notwithstanding their revision, emergency plans work at the 3 phases (warning, emergency and return to normal conditions.)
  • Also aimed at most sectors related directly or indirectly to water: water, crop farming, environment, transport, energy, tourism, mining.

Planning and studies require multidisciplinary teams capable of covering the scope of their discipline as well as the disciplines of other teams. That is, working with interconnected teams is one of INCLAM's strengths.


  • Hydrological plans
  • Water resource integrated management plans
  • Drought plans. Indicators
  • Supply and sanitation master plans
  • Protocols
  • Development of standards

Studies and Floods:

Envolvente de calados copia Estudio de inundabilidad y ordenación urbanísitica      

  • Flood risk management plans
  • Defence plans against freshets
  • Flood emergency plans (national, regional or activity plans, e.g. campsites)
  • Dangerousness and risk studies
  • Feasibility studies for regulation alternatives and basin flood management
  • Flood risk studies for urban planning general plans
  • Extreme volume methodological guidelines
  • Road network drainage capacity assessments


Evolución de la rotura de una presa

  • Dam failure emergency plans
  • Dam safety studies
  • Dam XYZT documents
  • Dam operation standards
  • Dam classification documents for potential failure risk

Environmental Studies
Tramificación en función de la calidad del agua


  • River space planning
  • Ecological flow studies
  • River restoration studies
  • Evaluacion Sudies of resources and extreme events front climate change
  • Water Quality studies

Feasibility studies
Planificación del espacio fluvial en la cuenca del Foix

  • Minning feasibility studies
  • Forestry and farms feasility studies
  • Hydropower power stations feasibility studies


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