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Business Software

Thanks to its experience on specific-software development for the engineering sector, INCLAM has been able to develop broad business applications to be used by third parties. This software is fully customised for sector needs and takes into account all advantages and disadvantages; it also includes the technical advice of developers themselves, with the support of specialists having over twenty years' experience.

INCLAM has developed hydrological and hydraulic software, hydroclimate data treatment, homogenisation and analysis applications, meteorological treatment software, and decision-support and early-warning systems, among other applications related to geographical and environmental information made available to its clients, guaranteeing full operability and satisfaction.
They include:

  • Climate value manager
  • Storm management systems
  • GUAD2d – Two-dimensional hydraulic model
  • Hydroclimate database
  • Distributed hydraulic simulation systems (GUAD CLOUD)

Software designed by engineers for engineers

At INCLAM, being aware of this increasing need, we have been working with systems to achieve an appropriate management of resources (mainly water resources) and thus distribute them equitably among users based on their current and future needs, taking into account the priority and planning of available resources.

Engineering and software are increasingly connected and tend to become one

In order to contribute to achieve one of the goals of the millennium: water equitable use, INCLAM's team has developed —through the hydrological and hydraulic knowledge combined with the IT system development capacity— a significant variety of water management systems within the basin management sphere, irrigation enhancement, and the use of water resources for hydroelectric power generation and supply.

Resource management systems provide capacity to enhance the use of limited resources and to solve controversies.
Water management innovation generates economic growth

The purpose of systems developed and implemented by INCLAM is not only to enhance water resource management but also to serve as a vehicle to mitigate controversies among users of the same resource, allowing to set the rules and define the premises that would enable a constructive dialogue to reach consented actions.

  • Basin management systems
  • Risk forecasting systems (drought, flood)
  • Hydroelectric power generation enhancement systems
  • Irrigation systems, etc.


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