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Climate Value Generator (GVC)

The "Climate Value Generator" was created in response to the needs of multiple hydrometeorological software applications that demand climate data as one of their main inputs. These data require great storage capacity and specific data analysis and transformation functionalities, as in general traditional software does not provide these tools.

IconoAPLICACIONSumming up, CVG is used to collect, store, classify, analyse and transform any type of climate data required and to interact with other applications using such data (hydrological models, forecasting models, information systems, etc.). For this purpose, it provides three different features:

Information collection

It contains a PlugIns system that allows obtaining data from any origin and storing them both in files and in any commonly used database system
GVC apli

  • FTP servers
  • WEB services
  • Format files (Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML)
  • Flat files
  • Hydrological standards (Sensor Observation Service, WaterML2)
  • Database systems (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLServer, SQLLite)
Historic information management

It provides an environment to store and classify climate information over time.o

Information analysis and treatment
  • Space and time visualisation and animation.
  • Data comparison and analysis (e.g. meteorological forecasts vs. measured observed data.)
  • Different types of analyses for different geographical areas.
  • Data linear combination.
  • Specific tools for observed data management (measurement at stations, RADAR data.)
  • Different algorithms for value space estimates (Kriging, CoKriging, Pseudo-Hermite, Catmull-Rom Splines, Bézier curves.)


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