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Hydrological data base (HDB)

The hydrological database is a cooperation tool used for integrated water cycle management by an organization.

It keeps and analyses all types of hydrometeorological data and shows great flexibility to adapt solutions to a specific geographical environment and to the organization's management characteristics.

The hydrological database stores and manages hydrometeorological data within a centralised repository, so as to prevent information inconsistencies and facilitate their maintenance.

To access the database, a user group management system is offered depending on their needs and functions, this allowing the use of their native system or its inclusion into the organization's Active Directory.

The main characteristics include:

  • Phoronomic management by keeping information on expense tables, direct counts, reservoirs, natural flows, flow duration.
  • Data series analysis and editing: statistical treatment, linear combination, territorial combination, isohyet calculation.
  • Different modelling algorithms both for precipitations-runoff and resource allocation.
  • Visualisation in a simple GIS environment
  • Complete and expandable collection of reports and graphics
  • Information import and export to standard formats (Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, CSV files, OGC Standards)

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