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Storm Management Module (SMM)

After a heavy rain event, it may be required to study it subsequently through simulation models of all kinds (staff training, different freshet management strategies, data magnitude, etc.). 

ModuloGestionTormentasThe main entry in these models is precipitation over time, even though it may be the case that general existing data do no reflect the actual event appropriately (complex orography, low measurement density, information dispersal...) for this type of analysis, the "Storm Management Module" was created.

This module is able to characterise a rain event as to space/time as accurately as possible, thus allowing to include rainfall information from different sources for its correct processing and subsequent use.

All this is included in a graphic and visual environment, which is developed in three fundamental steps:
Data import and correction

  • It allows importing data from multiple origins (both databases and files) and has an easily expandable system to add new data.
  • It contains standard filters for imported dara and allows users to introduce theirs.
  • Complete graphics and report collection on existing data.

Event definition

  • It contains tools that allow defining both the time duration and geographical location of a rain event.
  • Event definition may be automatic or directed by users.

Event study and management

  • Tools used to define different strategies to manage an event and to compare them.
  • They export rain maps and time series to standard formats in order to be used in another software

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