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Areas: Water +Climate Change

The Group's activity is comprised within two business lines: water engineering and environment.

Water engineering comprises a wide range of services, a comprehensive vision of which is provided at the different sections of this website. The Group has a long experience in the development of these types of projects, which are grouped into::

  • Hydrology and hydraulics
  • Planning and studies
  • Risk management
  • Projects
  • Work management
  • Institutional support

As part of our vocation to provide comprehensive services to our clients, we point out the business line related to turnkey projects, EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), where we provide supply, treatment, desalination and hydraulic work solutions.

Ideal information management provides very positive direct results. We become involved in this idea by providing advisory services and implementing systems favouring effective management. Specifically, we specialise in:

  • Information systems
  • Control networks
  • Decision support systems
  • Governance
  • Early warning systems

The Group is aimed at achieving a clean growth that would make sustainable development feasible. Through INCLAM CO2, management strategies are developed, which include actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to mitigate its potential impact. The products and services that we make available to our clients include:

  • CO2 strategic consulting
  • Mitigation plans and projects
  • Adaptation strategies
  • Brokerage & Trading

The technological component has always been part of the activity performed by the Group, a pioneer in the development of water engineering software.

Thanks to its experience in the industry, the Group develops business software with the capacity to provide solutions to sector needs.

The Group's technical team and IT engineers have focused all their efforts on the technological progress of the sector, which has given rise to the development of systems and applications while improving productivity and enhancing resources, thus guaranteeing operability and client satisfaction

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