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Who we are

INCLAM group is an international consolidated group with 30 years of experience in engineering, mainly specializing in water and climate change sectors. INCLAM bid in taking a leap to Alternative Stock Markets (MaB), where it started its listing in July 2015. This significant step was motivated by the Company´s expansion process.

INCLAM was established in 1986, and it unites professionals from private and public backgrounds focused on engineering in the water sector.

In just a few years the company converted into the leading hydrology and hydraulics consultant in Spain, working more or less entirely for public institutions in these spheres. At that point the company decided to expand its operation to Latin America, furthermore, offering turnkey projects for water treatment and hydraulic works.

In 2005 the Company started to grow in the European markets. At the same time, and as a response to the social demand towards the new challenges posed by climate change, Inclam took a step further in its environmental commitment and extended its services through INCLAM CO2, advising its clients on projects related to adaptation, mitigation, and trading of emission rights.

Currently, and thanks to its international expansion, the INCLAM group has permanent delegations in Latin America, Central America, Colombia and the Caribbean, and offices in Spain, Eastern Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, and representation agreements in these and other regions, which strengthens its presence in strategic markets.

INCLAM´s activities are divided into four different main lines: (1) Consulting, (2) Engineering, Procurement and Construction, i.e. EPC, turnkey projects, (3) Project and Construction Management (4) Climate Change. The technological factor has always been a part of Company´s activities, and it has worked as a transverse axis to all the divisions. Research and innovation are our motivation to improve our technique. We pioneer hydrological and hydraulic software development.

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To reach maximal acknowledgment as a multinational business group, a leader in the sectorswe are operating currently, applying our specialization and professionalism in a responsible business based on the satisfaction of our employees, commit to environment and dignity and development in the countries where we work.
To be a spearhead of quality, the confidence of our clients and the technological and innovative spirit and human values defense.


Promote the talent to respond to the water and climate change related challenges based on the commitment to PROFESSIONALISM, QUALITY, AND RESPONSIBLE DEVELOPMENT.

Our essence

Since our company was founded, our vision has always been to generate value beyond profit. We defend and promote a commitment to the environment and destacando por ser una de las empresas pioneras en certificarse con la ISO ambiental, también fuimos la stand out as one of the first companies to achieve ISO's environmental certification, as well as the first company in Spain to be certified as Carbon Neutral by way of the official ‘Calculate and Offset’ Seal from Spain's Ministry for Ecological Transition (MITECO). . Moreover, we place great emphasis on talent and foster a team spirit which really brings together the team of people behind our brand. Developing the communities we work in is what constantly guides us in designing the way we work as part of each project.

We base what we do on the following beliefs:

• We want our work to give somebody a better life.
• Queremos poder estar orgullosos de trabajar en INCLAM.
• We want to be proud of working at INCLAM.
• Profits are necessary, but not enough.
• We want to make a reasonably good living from our work.
• We like technology, innovation, change and people. Most of all though, we like people.

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