The Dominican Republic has been punished by several hurricanes and tropical storms that have caused catastrophic damages throughout the country´s history, causing major impacts on the vital resources for the provision of the population, and also affecting significantly dams and reservoirs.

After verifying the consequences of the hurricane seasons, Dominican Republic considered necessary to review the conditions of its resources and to take measures to resolve the possible impacts.

INCLAM entered into the work starting from here, as it lead the project "International Consulting Services in Dam and Reservoir Operation," which took place in 13 major dams in the Dominican Republic. Several of the dams were higher than 100 meters, and they are essential for supplying water for human consumption, irrigation, producing electricity of the country and preventing floods.

The tasks of INCLAM was divided into three sections, first of which was to develop a plan and dam safety studies. This plan began by creating a technical file of the dams, and database where all the available material was collected and analyzed. The database included more than 12 000 files.

Using the created technical file, the experts of INCLAM visited and examined the dams and their facilities in order to propose actions aimed at resolving the detected shortcomings and conduct seismic studies, structural dam analysis, and auscultation analysis.


On the other hand, in order to involve the communities located downstream of the dam, and the organisations and authorities in charge of dam safety and prevention and emergency response, six public workshops were organized. Almost 50 organizations and hundreds of participants attended the workshop.

In order to involve Dominican Republic institutions, ten workshops on Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) were organized. In these workshops participated staff of INDRHI and the hydraulic operation managers of the EGEHID, the Hydroelectric Generation Company.

Furthermore, operation and maintenance manuals of nine reservoir systems were drafted, and sediment management plan was prepared. The latter plan deals with the sediment problem of the reservoirs. Over the time, the reservoirs have lost significant amounts of their useful volume.
The second section of the project comprised of reassessing the hydrology of the reservoirs.

The first step was to study the rainfall using specific methodologies for regions affected by hurricanes. The next step was to compile regional rainfall maps and estimate the flood flow rate to evaluate the hydrological security of the dams, and downstream water discharge of the overflow rates. The last step was to conduct hydraulic simulations using GUAD-2D program developed by INCLAM and Digital Terrain Model of the NASA. By using these programs, it was possible to delimit the floodplains caused by potential dam break.

The third main aspect of the project was related to institutional strengthening, to developing a strategic plan for the Dam Department of INDRHI. To this end, a participatory process was used. During the process, several personal interviews were conducted and a workshop was organized. All this was done bearing in mind the experience and the proposal of the persons belonging to Dam Department and other entities of INDRHI.

A new organizational chart for the Dam Department was proposed, according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Government Administration, and a Recruiting and Selection Plan was prepared. The plan includes a search for candidates for vacant posts. A Training Plan for current employees of the Department was also formulated.

The last step was to conduct a review of the water regulating institutions of the Dominican Republic, and analysis on legislation of other countries, Based on these studies, a Project for Modifying Legislation and Standards was presented. The project collects recommendations on the legal and regulatory framework applicable to Dominican Republic.

This great work, carried out by INCLAM´s staff together with local collaborators was finalized at the end of 2016 with and excellent rating and great satisfaction on the part of the group which once again makes clear that the big projects always need human talent and experience gained working as a team and naturally the latest technology.

En esta final, los competidores directos serán los candidatos de la bolsa irlandesa (Irish Stock Exchange) y la bolsa de Londres (London Stock Exchange). En la página web de los premios se expone la lista corta con el perfil de los candidatos, para la categoría principal, en la que compite INCLAM, y el resto de categorías que premian estos galardones.

Estos Premios son una muestra de la diversidad de los mercados europeos y su objetivo es promover la entrada en el mercado de valores, en particular, el dirigido a las PYME y empresas de crecimiento. Los finalistas y ganadores se destacan como actores excepcionales que demuestran innovación, tanto la expansión nacional e internacional, ciudadanía corporativa y una excelente gestión. Estas empresas son fundamentales para la recuperación económica europea y para lograr las metas de la creación de empleo, competitividad y el crecimiento de la UE .

Los ganadores de estos galardones se anunciarán en una ceremonia que tendrá lugar el próximo 17 de noviembre en el Albert Hall en Bruselas.

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