Developing green growth in the “NEW ASIAN TIGER”

Green Cities Flood Management for Sustainable Development

We develop Urban Green Growth Models 

As a sign of its firm commitment to consolidate its presence in the Southeast Asia and to become one of the leading consultants of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in the planning and hydraulic control, INCLAM Group developed in 2015 one of its most strategic projects in this multilateral organization: Secondary Cities Development Program (Green Cities) in Vietnam.

This program has an innovative, flexible, scalable, multisectoral, and multidisciplinary approach, designed specifically for the emerging Southeast Asian Cities. The approach involves a paradigm shift focused on the integration of environmental management in the urban planning processes. The aim is to ensure the sustainability of the urban infrastructure investments and to improve the habitability conditions and the resilience of the cities against natural disasters in climate change context and, at the same time, enhance and highlight their needs and particular assets (historical heritage, landscape value, tourism potential, etc.).

Vietnam is one of the countries of Southeast Asia worst hit by tropical storms and floods.

As for its special geographic location and terrain, Vietnam is endowed with abundant water resources, and it regularly encounters all type of natural disasters. The heavy storm (typhoons) and floods are the most destructive phenomena, and they affect approximately 60 % of the surface of the country and more than 70 % of the population, which traditionally has occupied floodplains where rice is cultivated, and aquaculture and fishing activities are practiced. The high economic growth of the country, a fruit of the transition of a rural economy to an economy based on industry and services, requires minimizing the risks, and social, economic and environmental costs, derived from accelerated urbanization.


Record-level floods in November 1999 in Hue, which damaged city´s historical and cultural heritage, World Heritage Site according to UNESCO. (Source:

The Technical Assitance Contract to ABD, in which Inclam Group participates, focuses on three capital cities of provinces with strategic character in Vietnam. Ha Giang (~72,000 inhabitants) is located 20 kilometers from the border of China, in the headwaters of the Lô River Basin and it is the access way to the Dong Van karst plateau Geopark, an area which has a high ecological and landscape value acknowledged by UNESCO. On a different note, Vinh Yen (76.650 inhabitants) is located within the industrial belt of the Northern Economic Region of Vietnam, on the fertile flood plains of the Red River Delta, and its main asset is Dam lake, which has high tourism potential. Lastly, Hue (~340.000 inhabitants), the old capital of the country, is located downstream of the Perfume River Basin (Huong), near the Tam Giang Lagoon. The main asset of the City is the Imperial Citadel, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 1993.

INCLAM Group advises ADB and Vietnamese Authorities on flood management in three provincial capitals

Specifically, the experts of INCLAM Group developed a 
diagnosis of the flood problem in each city, emphasizing a holistic view and using decision support tools. Furthermore, recommendation and practical design criteria were given for optimizing the protection and flood resilience. A key factor in this work was the close collaboration within the Consortium, both with the Canadian Specialists as well as with the Vietnamese Partner. This cooperation made it possible to overcome cultural, language and technical barriers. 

Vietnam3Thus, the work completed by the INCLAM Group contributes to profiling and consolidating the technical basis needed to address the later detailed engineering of the sub-projects. The sub-projects will have  the financial support of the ADB according to the innovative payment formula based on the results. Furthermore, the completed work will help to strengthen the new sustainable urban planning philosophy promoted by the Program.

Coordinating the works with Local Partner of the Consortium for a correct understanding of Vinh Yen Hydraulic System, in the flood plains of the Red River Delta.


INCLAM has received the seal of innovative SME

pyme innovadora mineco SP web 2018
Innovation as vocation. In 1986, INCLAM started its journey with spirit to do things differently and with a budget of 1 million of pesetas to buy a computer. Currently, after almost 30 years of track record, the INCLAM group has managed to create an environment in which Research, Development and Innovation move forward simultaneously, and technology is one of the pillars of the group´s business strategy.

The year 2016 started with good news, as the Ministry Economy and Competitiveness, acknowledged the vigorous and constant efforts of the company in R & D + I, which in recent year has lead to completing several innovative projects which have positioned us among the most successful Spanish Engineering Companies focused on R & D + I.

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness has set up the Innovative SME Public Registry. The aim of this seal and the registry is to give the companies value, identify them and to facilitate the creation of specific policies for this kind of enterprises in the future.

In connection to the mentioned above, and to expand the subsidies and fiscal benefits of Small and Medium size company, as well as to bring them closer to the public procurement more easily, the Innovative SME seal was created by the Ministerial Order ECC/1087/2015 of 5th of Junes 2015. This Order regulates the award of the seal of the small and medium innovative enterprises and creates and regulates the Innovative SME Public Registry.

This acknowledgement represents a compensation for the work completed in the lines marked by the company in different scopes of the environment and strengthens INCLAM as a mark associated with the innovation in this area. 


INCLAM gains the trust of the stock markets

 » INCLAM gains repricing of 55.73%, and it becomes the best debut of the newcomers in 2015 

Captura de pantalla 2016 01 21 a las 15.32.22 To start the listing in the Alternative Equity Market (MaB), has, undoubtedly, been one of the greatest milestones in the history of the Group. It is never easy to be present in more than 20 countries simultaneously, and the launch on the MaB has been demanding, but at the same time tremendously positive step for the Group. INCLAM closed the year being the best debut of 2015.

One does not start listing in stock exchange market by chance. The strategy of the Inclam Group has always based on investing the possible profits to the development of the company. INCLAM has experienced a remarkable evolution, converting from a company with a turnover of 6.1 million euros in 2008 into a company with a current turnover of 28-30 million euros. In 2008, the Spanish markets constituted 85 % of the turnover of the company,; currently, the Spanish markets represents less than 5 % of our turnover.

What lead Inclam to launch itself to MAB (The Alternative Equity Market)?

The 80 % of Spanish Companies´ funding depend on banks while the European average is 40 %. The stock market is more responsive to the projects, assumes the risk, and enables us to be less depended on the banks.

The aim was to strengthen the financial structure by collecting resources for investing and future projects, which made it possible also to gain access to funding sources.

Launch to market gives visibility and credibility in the eyes of the clients, suppliers, and financial organizations, positioning the Group as a prestigious, transparent and reliable company, prepared to confront new challenges and to offer confidence and profit to the companies and its shareholders. Furthermore, it offers information on the objective value of the company; this facilitates the possible corporate operations.

What has happened since the launch on the MaB?

Since 29th of July, when INCLAM rang the MaB opening bell, it has maintained its focus on the development of its strategic objectives. In the second half of the year, it was awarded contracts in Bolivia amounting to 1.8 US dollars, in Venezuela amounting to 1.31 US dollars and in Honduras amounting to more than three million euros.

The investors have placed their trust in INCLAM, and this was reflected in the markets with a repricing of 55, 73 % in the year closure.


Future Perspectives? 

Our plan is, of course, to continue our growth, and consolidate our presence in the 20 countries where we operate and to develop our presence in other emerging markets. We are on our way to professionalize all the levels of our structure, and our strategy leans decisively on marketing our technology in the advanced countries thus showing that the Spanish companies can compete with anyone.

We have converted the SMART concept into real savings for water managers.

» The WatERP project was put into practice, and it has gained excellent results
The experts of INCLAM, invited by their European Partner EURECAT, participated in the ICT4 Water Open Day in Barcelona, where the main stakeholders of the Information and Communication Technologies applied in water management met.

INCLAM, a pioneer in the Spanish sector for development of hydrological and hydraulic software applications was present in the event together with the local and European authorities, representatives of the industry, technology agents and European experts in digital technologies applied in SMART MANAGEMENT of water resources.

During this collaborative seminar, the stakeholders shared the progress and advances in the management and knowledge transfer using ICT tools for greater efficiency and development. The program included several presentations of projects funded by the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development and the Horizon 2020 Programme.

Antonio Moya, Head of ICT Department of INCLAM group, shared a table with Gabriel Anzaldi, Head of Smart Management Systems at EURECAT, and they presented the results and outcomes gained during the execution of the European Project "Water Enhanced Resource Planning"(WatERP ).

ICT4Water AntonioMoya
Antonio Moya Antonio Moya during his presentation

One of the most remarkable successes in this final phase is the full implementation of the project in the pilot cases of the Stadtwerke Karlsruhe GMBH (SWKA) and The Catalan Water Agency (ACA), which have generated the expected savings both in water and energy consumption.

Jordi Agustí Vergés, the General Manager at the Catalan Water Agency (ACA), emphasized the evolution of his organization towards smart resource management thanks to its participation in the project as a pilot case.

Furthermore, Antonio Moya stressed that it is important to use standard languages and services to reach a better intercommunication between systems and as a consequence, integrated and efficient information.

INCLAM is the only Spanish associate member of the Hydrology Domain Working Group in OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium), for developing global interoperability standards. INCLAM participates actively in the designs of Water Modelling Language- WaterML2 and HY_Features.

iEURECAT– Technology Centre of Catalonia-
iiWatERP –


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Recent months Inclam has been involved in a big project in the Peruvian Amazon. The main goal was to bring drinking water to 65 native communities declared in a health emergency in the basins of the Pastaza, Corrientes, Tigre and Marañón rivers. 


You will see the highlights of the event , photos, curiosities and feedback from our guests!


This project is a great success for everyone involved, both the communities and the authorities and business partners. This document is a proof that using a right solution; it is possible to solve serious problems such as providing drinking water to rural communities.

Thanks to this success, on Wednesday, June 24 in Peru, Inclam Group will present the document "Yaku pak ta kawsay, Agua para la vida" 


La Ministra Tejerina y Arias Cañete en su visita a nuestro stand 

INCLAM GROUP rose 30, 3 % following its launch on the MaB (The Alternative Equity Market)

Yesterday, 29 of 2015 July, Inclam rang the opening bell announcing its listing on the MaB.

Alfonso Andrés, the CEO of the company, had the honor to ring the bell that announced the listing of the company on The Alternative Equity Market.

The initial reference price was 1, 22 euros per share. The company made its debut and increased its value by 30,3 % and thus the price per share at the end of the day reached 1, 59 euros.

Inclam is traded with Business Code INC and by pricing system based on the convergence of market supply and demand during the auction or the fixing, which takes place twice daily (at 12 p.m and 16 p.m.).

The Deputy Chairman of MAB, Jesús González Nieto, stated: "the listing of INCLAM strengthens MAB as an efficient financing mechanism as it channels capital to small and medium companies to help them meet their growth and expansion goals".

eSTRATELIS is Registered Advisor and MG Valores Liquidity Provider of Inclam. During this process, Inclam was advised by The QRENTA AV., which is specialized in consulting SMEs in admission and listing in MaB, and by ESTUDIO LEGAL INLEY, which conducted all the legal and juridical matters related to the process.

The information report of Inclam can be found on the website of MaB ( and INCLAM´s website ( This document includes all the information related to the company and its business.
 IMG 1317


» The Ministry of agriculture, food and environment stresses the support of inclam in South Korea in positioning Spain as the world leader in water management


This VII edition of the World Water Forum was celebrated in Korea, and during the Forum Alfonso Andrés, President of INCLAM, introduced the project VitaAquam, which offers solutions for drinking water supply, and the PAGRICC project on agriculture and adaptation to climate change in developing countries, like Nicaragua.

The Spanish delegation highlighted that our country is a world leader in water management and has claimed its role in the hydrological planning and hydraulic infrastructures.


La pasada semana el Registro Nacional de Huella de Carbono del Ministerio de Agricultura, Alimentación y Medio Ambiente ha resuelto positivamente la inscripción de la Fase III de Refo-resta CO2 como proyecto oficial de absorción de CO2.

Refo-resta CO2 es una iniciativa innovadora que involucra a toda la empresa. Se trata de una estrategia de compensación a través de la reforestación de una superficie de bosque que actúa como sumidero de CO2.

Las dos fases anteriores han supuesto una reforestación de 11,42 hectáreas con cinco especies autóctonas sobre terreno agrícola improductivo en Revilla Cabriada (Lerma, Burgos). La superficie reforestada cuenta con más de 16.000 árboles en crecimiento que, además de absorber las emisiones, generan numerosos beneficios añadidos como la recuperación del ecosistema, el aumento de la masa forestal nacional, la regulación de los recursos hídricos y la creación de empleo tanto directo como indirecto.

En esta tercera fase se han reforestado 4,5 hectáreas con otras cinco especies autóctonas, principalmente pino y encina, en parcelas de uso agrario (pastos), en la localidad de Santa María del Campo (Burgos). Las absorciones previstas que generará este proyecto se estiman en 950,50 t CO2, como parte del compromiso de Inclam en la lucha contra el cambio climático.

Cuadro de texto: Nota de prensa El cálculo, reducción y compensación de la huella de carbono,  permite a Inclam desarrollar un plan de acción que asegure minimizar su impacto lo máximo posible y tomar medidas para mitigarlo.


In late October INCLAM team involved in Waterp project had a number of meetings with various stakeholders related to the project in Germany.

The first reunion took place in Koblenz city, where WatERP researches shared a workday with their colleagues from BfG (the Federal Institute of Hydroogy). Important experiences related to OGC standards were discussed, the strategy used in WatERP to be compatible with HY_Features model and, particularly, the semantic mapping implementation. Future ways of collaboration were explored and initiated.

On October 29th-30th, WatERP partners held a very fruitful meeting in Dresden, Germany. Preparing for the last year of the project, partners have coordinated project's developments and the initial prototypes of project tools were discussed.

It was exposed the results of the agile methodologies for software building process developed by Inclam and tested during the WatERP project, these methodologies are focused on the involvement of the water managers as actors for design and evaluation of hydrological software. Also, INCLAM presented the prototype of the Open Management Platform software, remarking the customizable Business Intelligence dashboards implemented for water managers in order to allow to control and manage all the parts of the water supply chain.


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